Des Moines All Ages is a collection point for All Ages Events in the Des Moines Area. The goal of the site and it's Facebook page is to become a collection point for listings that those under the age of 21 can attend. I see getting those under the age of 21 involved with the local music scene of crucial importance to its growth and longevity. Thus I created this site to build awareness to shows that are all ages. As a native of Des Moines, I found it frustrating that there was very little in the way of entertainment available to me until I reached 21. Now as a father of a teenage, I have noticed that there are a great deal more options for my son but still often finding these events often involves searching through a number of different resources, websites and social networks. Thus the idea of this site came to me and I feel that it is a great compliment to my other site The Underground Archives - http://underground-archives. Promoting and running All Ages shows in Des Moines creates a number of challenges. The biggest being the city's ordinance that banned those under 21 to be in a venue that has been designated as a tavern after 9pm. While some venues are allowed to skirt the ordinance through food sales or special designation as a theater, a majority of Live Music Venues rely on their alcohol sales for income. Thus have no other option but to do early all ages shows that are over by 9pm. This not only decreases the number of all ages events but often early shows mean less profit for venues. Thus make sure attendance to all ages shows up is important to them continuing. Also there are a number of all ages shows put on at less traditional venues such as retail stores and rented halls. Often there is a very little promotional budget and there isn't the built in promotional tools that a venue may have. Thus I hope that this site can help to build awareness of those shows. Anyone can post a live music event or related event to the site as long as it is in fact all ages mean at least those over the age of 16 are allowed entrance. Post can be made by the event promoter, venue or individuals as long as they are a member of the site. Also the site will include local venues and promoters that do at least 2 all ages shows a month and a listings of active bands that are seeking to play all ages shows.

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