My name is David Wilkins but I'm know by most as simply DaVo. Over the years I've been an active member of the Des Moines Punk and music scene. Starting in the 1980s as a supporter, I've been involved with a number of projects and wore a number of different hats. Including being the vocalist of The Have Nots, one of the hosts of the public access show Recline of Midwestern Civilization, a talent buyer and independent promoter at Safari and Hairy Mary's(1996-2001, 2006 and 2007), the owner and maintainer of this site and The Underground Archives and I'm one of the current talent buyers at Lefty's Live Music. On top of that I've been a professional pierce since 1994 and own and operate the Axiom Body Piercing Studio.

In this series of Blogs I'm calling Living Not a Killing, I hope to share my knowledge and prospective as a talent buyer, band member, historian and general music fan to educate those that have the passion to be involved in live music, 

Bands Booking Shows

A lot has changed over the last 20 odd years from when I first started promoting all ages shows on Sunday afternoons at Safari Nite Club. The biggest change has been the way bands contact talent buyers and promoters for shows. Just like everything else in the world the process has been greatly effected by the internet. Now instead of waiting days or weeks to hear that all important demo or album, with just a link to Bandcamp, Reverbnation or YouTube, the buyer can get a quick listen to the band.

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