Lefty's Sundays Matinees

Many of you know that I'm a talent buyer at Lefty's Live Music and that I have a history with that room that dates back to 1996. Axiom Promotions was born in that room when it was Safari. I started doing shows mainly because my band the Have Nots wanted to play all ages shows. At first we got Sundays mainly because the owner at the time didn't have a Sunday liquor license but I liked the tradition and the connection to CBGBs Hardcore scene. 

One of the things I've been pushing for with my return to the venue and working for Lefty's was to bring the focus to all ages shows, younger bands and All Ages shows. I'm sure both Erik and Anne are sick of hearing me ask about doing Sunday Matinees. At last I got the go ahead to start in December and here's the details:


  • Any local band is welcomed, though I would like to keep the focus to start with as Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Ska, etc.. This is a chance for local bands to network with other local bands and trade shows with bands in the region. 
  • I will either pick a headliner and leave it up to them to pick the openers or just pick a number of bands to play the bill. The goal is to get younger bands in the room and help them gain experience and a fan base with the help of more established bands. The shows will be 4 to 5 bands for $5.
  • Outside of the normal promotion that Lefty's does on the website and Facebook, it will be the bands' responsibility to promote the show. We may print posters and handbills but it will be the bands that distribute them. This is basic DIY and something that is invaluable to building a fanbase.
  • THIS IS NOT PAY TO PLAY - The ticket price will be $5 and the gross will be split 70/30 with Left's. The 30% will go to cover production costs(sound, lights, printing, doorman, etc...) The 70% will be divided between the bands. Of course in situations where a band is in from out of town it maybe adjusted to make up for it but the pay out will be even or worked out with all the bands involved.
  • Shows will every other Sunday from 3-7pm. I feel doing it a little early will increase attendance because those that have work and school on Monday won't have a problem staying out till 7pm on a Sunday. I would like to build up a steady crowd of kids and adults that come down every two weeks. Yes there are a lot more all ages shows than there used to be but none of them are consistent. 
  • Guest Lists will be limited to one guest per member with a cap at 5 guests. 
  • All the shows will be promoted as "AllAges.com Presents". This is not only to help build site traffic but also to create a brand for the series. 
  • Independent promoters will be allowed to co-promote shows. This is not only to take some of the work load off me but also to allow independent local promoters a chance to get involved as long as it falls within the guide lines. Also it would be a great learning experience for first time promoters.

I'm sure that as this grows there will be additional guidelines and rules added but it's a start. If you are interested in setup one of these shows, contact DaVo at davoleftys@gmail.com

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